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    Avalanche 5.0.2 problem on deleting device

    Mirko.Marraro Rookie

      Hi All,

      I've a problem with an Avalanche 5.0.2 installation.

      When I try to delete a device from the java console the first time the message of "Command successful" appear but the device is still there despite services or server restart.

      If I try to send again the delete command on that device the message "Command failed -- Unknown device" appear.

      So if the device has been delete from the database why does it remain in the device list?

      Thanks in advance!

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          You may want to go to the dServer and browse to the \Avalanche\Service\Main.PRF folder and rename the mdinf.dat to mdinf.dat.old. Be sure to stop the Wavelink Avalanche Agent Service first. Once you restart the Service you should see a new mdinf.dat created so it can report back to the eServer or db. The mdinf.dat is a file that stores device connections and details on the dServer.


          Hope this helps.