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    Landesk Client Reboot Loop


      We are running LDM 9.5 (no SP1 yet) for quite some time now.

      But now we have an issue with a new client.


      The Landesk Client finds 21 Patches and tries to install them, but the System generate an error message saying "the needed action can not be performed" (translated from german) and request a restart.


      We restarted the, but after the restart the same error reoccured.

      So here is the history of our restart attempt:



      We already tried the following:


      - Cleaned the history in the Landesk Server

      - Uninstalled and reinstalled the landesk client

      - Patched one patch manually


      So we need new idea on what else we can try.

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          bnelson Employee

          Check for prerequisites that may not be downloaded or that may be in the do not scan dorectory.

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            Under Windows7


            We uninstalled Landesk, going as far as erasing it from the Registry then reinstalled Landesk but it didn’t solve the issue.

            We used a new hard disc and installed windows 7 operating system. Before installing any drivers, We installed Landesk, then the drivers, and still we had the same problem.


            Basically LAndesk would find Patches then fail to download them and from there the Landesk Client would enter a Reboot Loop.


            With Windows8

            We had the same failure when we installed the operating system then all the drives and finally Landesk.

            However, the Problem disappeared when we Installed first the operating system, then Landesk, then operate a security check that required a system start.  We then installed the drivers and finally all windows update.



            It solved the issue, so we suspect the problem was due to some incompatibilities with a driver under windows7.