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    Change Group (Don't see any available groups)


      Hi there,


      Perhaps this is a noob question, but in the Lab Manual, it asks frequently for you to use the button at the top (picture of two people) to change groups, but when I click it, there are no groups available in my list. I have two questions.


      1.) What is the advantage of changing groups on the fly? Are you changing the group permissions, or changing the group being modified?


      2.) How do I populate this list?


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          Jamie Cannon ITSMMVPGroup

          Hi Chad,

          1.  the advantage would be if someone is in multiple groups, they can toggle between those groups in order for it to update a query to show tickets assigned to that group.  The permissions are typically based on roles but if you have them on groups, then yes.


          2.  You just have to add a particular user to multiple groups in the Administration section of the Console.  Just go to Administration --> Administration --> group and select the group then choose the action to Add/Remove Users.


          That's its...