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    MAC agent installation problem


      I am currently testing LANdesk as a possible solution to our needs.  I am having a weird problem installing the agent on Macs.  The Mac has the firewall turned off, remote login is enabled, I even turned off AV.  I added the Local Administrator account of the Mac to the Alternate Credential.  I get a 1026 error whenever I pushed the agent to the Mac.  For giggles, I created another local admin account called MACadmin. I added this MACadmin account to the alternate Credential, took out the Local Administrator account, pushed the agent, and now it works.  If I add the Local Administrator account on top of the MACadmin account, it fails.  If the MACadmin account is on top of the Local Administrator account, it works.


      I know it could be a permission issue, I just could not figure it out.