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    Manually starting the MI engine to test trending


      It's my first time working with MI and I read that the engine runs at midnight and you can expect to see your info the next day.


      One of the issues with this is that since I am very inexperienced with it (over last few days my end result is a gadget with a little small bar and no real data), it would be great to be able to manually fire up the MI engine on my dev server and test changes I have made.


      Is this possible and advisable or are most people making a change and waiting till next day to see the results?





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          I'm reasonably sure it only runs once a day.  If you talk to your LANDesk or partner account manager you may be able to get access to an internal tool that LD use to populate the MI repository with sample data.  That way you can test your MI charts with at least non-null data.  ps you didn't hear about this tool from me, OK?

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            Stu McNeill Employee

            Hi Kyle,


            No there isn't any way to force the MI engine to run on the fly.  What we tend to do in Support is simply change the clock on the server to 23:59 and then start the service.


            Any tool DMS mentions might no longer exist and populated random data rather than actually running your metric queries, so I wouldn't worry about that route

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