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    Working with SSN and DOB


      Soon I will have incidents that will include a large text blob in my description that includes all info to create an account.  Two of those things are the social security number and the date of birth.  I need to pluck those items of out the description and replace them with nothing or all "X" before I resolve or transfer the incident.  I was thinking a trigger would do it but I would like to do it in Service Desk where I can see it.  A calculation could find the data and show it but I want to wipe it out at some point and a calculation won't do that.


      I have used LPM before so technically I could use LPM to manipulate the data by sending an e-mail to LPM and then it uses SQL to do what I want but it's a bit slow so for a few minutes my sensitive data would be viewable to analyst that should not see it.  Like I said though, I would much rather do it in Service Desk.


      One idea I had was to add a second description attribute and import the new account info into the second description, come up with a new window that shows the second description, and then associate the window to that type of incident.  But that doesn't really remove the data from my database so I don't see that as a good solution.


      I do need to keep this in incident because after the SSN and DOB are removed it may need to be routed to another department to add rights or add to groups.  So using Problem (unused at the moment) isn't an option.


      Or am I stuck using a trigger?

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          Mroche SupportEmployee

          Hi Carl,


          You should be able to remove the SSN numbers using a calculation by creating a before save calculation on the SSN attribute that sets the SSN to an empty string if the Incident.Status='Closed'.  You would need to set the dependancy to Status so that the calculation fires each time the status of the Incident changes.


          The following calculation should work (providing the Dependancy is set to Status)


          import System

          static def GetAttributeValue(Incident):

          if Incident.Status.Title=='Closed':

            Value = ''

          return Value






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            Worked perfect.  I added a second "if...then" statement for my Survey status.  Now the analyst can resolve to a survey or an admin can close and the SSN attribute is wiped out.  It's kind of neat how the attribute acts like a standard attribute in that I can assign and show and use the value in the attribute without activating the calculation.  Only when I am done with the incident does it actually activate and clear my value.


            I created custom Windows and a rule based on a role to allow only the approved analysts to see the SSN's value.