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    query for trendmicro last DAT file version?


      Hi, im trying to make a query to get the last date of the definitions file, we are using trendmicro but it is managed by another office/organization

      so we dont have the AV control center here, but i do have landesk here and i would like to know wich PCs are out of compliance or have old definition files,


      i made one but i dont think it is giving me the correct information seems to me its giving me the last date of scan and not the last date or version of definition file



      is there a way i can get this info ? i followed this post


      but i think that information is for when i download the definitions using landesk wich is not the case

      i am updated automatically using trendmicro itself , i just want to have a query were it shows the last version installed.


        theres this note where it says "Note: For this to work properly, the desired AV-XXX definitions must be in the Scan group, and within the Scan and Repair Settings the Type "Antivirus Updates" must be set as a type to scan for."


      so if im not updating using landesk i dont think i can get the version?