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    "Random" AV Scans - LD 9.5SP1


      Ahoy there


      Recently I made the move to LANDesk 9.5 SP1 so that we could enable virus protection on our 2012 servers.


      Since the update I have been chasing my tail as to why my some of my servers (a combination of 2008/2008r2 OS) are scanning several times a day.


      I currently have the scan scheduled to start at 11pm every night with no random delay.


      Yet, I find multiple times a day that full scans or critial area scans are being run and slowing our systems down.


      I am wondering if anyone else is seeing a similar problem?


      Workstations (xp / 7) do not appear affected.


      I have gone so far as to try an uninstall/reinstall of the agent, and have tried the patch that was released with SP1 to prevent vulscan.exe from looping tasks.