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    After server restart, all units are unlicenced


      Hello everyone,


      We just restarted our Wavelink Avalanche MC Server 5.3.1 (Server 2012).

      After the restart all our clients seem to have lost their licenses (Screen 1.jpg).


      After checking the license server status, all licenses are still in use (free 0 of 8 for example).

      We have 18 units connected and we have 20 base (5.3) + 20 maint + 20 remote controll licenses.


      In the license server status screen after reboot the uptime is 287 days (status 1.jpg).

      After restarting the license server 'service' manually it goes back to 0 (status 2.jpg).


      Still all units remain unlicensed.


      And then after rebooting the system , it sets back the uptime in the 'License Server Status' screen to 287 days again.

      The local time settings of the server itself are correct.


      How come i cannot get these units back online after a server restart ?

      And where does this uptime of 287 days comes from after every restart?


      Looking forward to a response


      Thanks in advance.


      Stephan Claus

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          l.vanagteren Apprentice



          With version of Avalanche are you using? MC or SE? I had the samething, only with AP management (Avalanche MC). This was the solution:


          When you add new licenses, you add them to the eServer. The eServer send the license to the dServer, when a device request a license.


          What you can try. Stop the Wavelink Services and rename Wavelink.lic in "C:\Program Files\Wavelink\Avalanche\Service\MAIN.PRF" to Wavelink.lic.OLD and restart the Wavelink Services.

          When all services are running, connect a Mobile Unit to Avalanche.


          If the above doesn't work, you can try to remove the devices licenses from Avalanche and add them again.


          Hope it helps



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            Hi Leroy,


            The version is MC 5.3.1 only using the D-server.


            Thanks for the advice, restarting nad renaming the Wavelink.lic file didn't fix it.

            After that i deleted all the licenses and re-entered them.


            And a few minutes later all 18 units came back online and licensed .


            Still doesn't explain why this happens after a server restart. Or why the uptime jumps to 287 days after that.

            But i'm happy that the units are back.


            Thank you very much.