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    User Management - Cannot restrict access to Agent Settings or Console Extender on Core


      We are in the process of creating various roles for our IS department.  A the base level, we want to give support only the ability to "Remote Control" a device.  I went ahead and disabled all features, which worked great.


      When I logged in, I notice that a few items were still avialble to the user.  Here are features we couldn't disable:


      - Data Analytics > Console Extender

      - Configureation > Agent Settings


      I am not sure what they can do with Console Extender, but I am worried about Agent Settings.  A new user can really cause havoc if they make any modifications to the agent settings.


      I have attached a picture of my role permission.  As you can see, there isn't' much enabled, and I can't figure how to remove the above items for this role.


      Any  help or guidance would be greatly appreciated.


      - Ton