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    Replication question...


      Hi all,


      Recently we put some machines at some of our remote sites with the intention of using them as replication and preferred servers, to help keep these sites flogging the WAN connections when pulling down software being distributed by the Core server.


      I set up a share on both the Core server and Replication servers, and the replication is working well. The only data in the share currently is the manual agent install files.


      We are currently pushing out LDAV to our sites, and I want to know if creating a scheduled task to run the install from the local manual installer is the only way to go. Ultimately what I would like to see happen is that if I push out an agent install via scheduled task that the client PC automatically goes to the local preferred server to pull those files.


      If that is possible what is the best way to share the files with the replication servers?


      Hope this makes sense.

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          I'm pretty sure that all Agent pushes are done from the core server, but for any other scheduled task you need to have "Attempt preferred server" option checked in the selected delivery method.


          If you already have the agent installed on these computers and you want to update it with the new agent that includes LDAV then you could probably set up a batch file package that invokes the manual installer.  I don't know how the task result or return code would look, but it should work.