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    How do you change the HTML default font size


      I was playing with the new beta and realized that the description attribute can be HTML.  DOH!  Didn't realize you could do that.  Now my description will look the same in the console as in e-mail.  Currently many of my e-mail to users look like crap because all the text runs together in 1 paragraph.  That will now be fixed.  Learn something new every day.


      The next problem was converting from plain text to HTML but a nice SQL script solved that problem.


      So the next and hopefully last issue is that the standard default text size for the description is Ariel 12.  Everywhere else it is a Tahoma 9.  Naturally I assumed it was a system setting and would be in the Fonts section.  I was proved wrong.  Then I thought maybe it was in the control itself on my window.  Again I was proved wrong.


      So where do you change the HTML default font size for a console window?  I might as well ask now, where is it for WebAccess? 

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          dmshimself ITSMMVPGroup

          I think this is hard coded

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            Oh how nice of LANDesk to know exactly what I wanted.  Well other than the fact that it's not my default text style or size, both otherwise it looks great.  Now my entire form is consistent in font style and size other than the largest part of my form.  Nice.

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              Adam Wilden Expert

              Yeah we could do with the ability to change this too.


              BTW do you use the <PRE> tag when sending out plain text in HTML emails in order to preserve formattting, line breaks etc?




              <PRE style="font-family:arial;font-size:12px;white-space: pre-wrap;padding:3px;overflow:hidden;word-wrap:break-word;width:500px;">




              Sure you do but just in case.

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                Actually, have not gotten that far yet.  I am still testing and ran into a small snag.  I wanted to move all of my descriptions to HTML but the resolution is String 2000 and not String -1.  Kind of a silly thing to do.  I know I don't want to change the data type because that might someday cause issues.  Of all the places to not allow HTML this is the worst.  Would be so nice to use a bulleted or numbered list and most important, allow working links without having to code HTML into the resolution.  The main incident description is nice but typically I am describing the problem not listing the steps that fixed or the web site that was the solution.


                Currently thinking of a second attribute with a string -1, use SQL to copy all descriptions, all windows look at new attribute for resolutions, and everywhere the resolution is used, use new resolution.  That last part is the problem though.  I might have 100 reports and queries in Service Desk, Access, and Crystal Reports that use the resolution.  Option 2 is use SQL to copy resolution description to the new resolution description and then add a calc to the Resolution attribute to point to new Resolution attribute.  So still thinking through which is the lesser of 2 evils.