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    Where to start - Monthly Reporting


      Hi all,


      Very new to Service Desk: two weeks in and counting!


      I'm struggling to understand the best way to report on the tickets raised. I know there are Crystal Reports (no experience of Crystal at all in my organisation), but basically what I want to do is to create a dashboard so that at the end of the month, management can access it and see a broad overview of all the tickets raised.


      We use Incident and Request lifecycles.


      Would anyone be able to guide a complete numpty through how to use OOTB reports to appear in a dashboard or as a link that will prompt for parameters (eg incident or request, and dates - I'd like to do the first to the last day of the month that is entered when you click on the report).


      I also need a CSV data dump of all tickets (incident and request) created in the month so that I can import the CSVs into existing Excel sheets to analyse the data.


      Appreciate this is a bit of an ask but I hoped that someone has been through the pains already to save someone like me having to reinvent the wheel.

      We're on SD 7.5SP1.


      Thanks very much in advance,


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          Stu McNeill Employee

          Hi Zoe,


          Depending on what type of data you need you might just able to use standard queries on a Web Access dashboard.  There are criteria you can use on the Creation Date attribute for "Is Last Month" to limit your results to just the previous months new incidents and you can group the queries to get counts based on categories, response levels, etc. and display those counts in graphs.


          For more information on designing dashboards see pages 35-41 plus for specifically how to design queries see pages 12-14 of this manual: LANDesk Service Desk Suite 7.5 Web Access Admininstrator.


          As for exporting to CSV you can do this from query results in Web Access using the "down arrow" menu in the top right of the page and selecting "Export to .csv...".  Note that you can't do this from query gadgets on dashboards, just from standalone query pages.



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            That'll do to start me off, thank you!


            I think a few of the OOTB queries will do what I need, it's just working out where to place them and how best to make them visible to management.


            The criteria will take some getting used to - but this is from an organisation who merely did a complete data download each month of all tickets, filtered only on creation date... (which wasn't accurate anyway!)


            I may be some time reading the WebAccess brochure.