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    Partition question...






      I have a PC with a 250GB HDD.



      For imaging purposes I created a singe Partition 0 and set the size to 30GB. Installed Windows to this all SOE applications, etc and took the image.



      I have since deployed this image to several machines successfully.



      I have now noticied however that the image is no longer creating a 30GB partition when deployed and is using the whole 250GB!!!



      How could this happen? and how can I fix this? Do I have to recreate my image?






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          phoffmann SupportEmployee

          Your image is fine.


          By default, we'll expand "the last partition" to fill the entire hard drive.


          The idea being the following scenarios - for instance.


          Scenario 1:

          You have an OS-partition of 10 GB


          => You will pretty obviously want to restore those 10 GB and then extend it to fill the rest of the hard-drive (so that you don't have "just" 6 GB of free space (or less).


          Scenario 2:

          You have an OS-partition of 20 GB. You have a 2nd Data partition of 30 GB.


          => Most people will want to extend the data-partition to fill out the drive, with the OS partition remaining as it is.


          The function is being done by this command:

          REMEXECxx=diskinfo extend_last_partition


          If you want, you can rem out the command by putting a ';' (semicolon) in front of it.


          For more information, please read the following document - it includes a complete walkthrough of all the command-lines of a WinPE OSD job:



          Paul Hoffmann

          LANDesk EMEA Technical Lead.

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            THogland Apprentice

            Strangely, I'm now having the exact opposite problem. Our images are configured using the HII guide, and work fine when loaded. I configured the image on an 80GB drive, and images have been coming out fine for a few months, until sometime recently. Now, the disks show up as 80GB regardless of physical size - the "diskinfo extend_last_partition" isn't working... LD8.8, SP2a.


            Tested this way - freshly imaged a new system (320GB HD), let it run through the whole process of setup, etc., then open Windows Explorer and check - 80GB. Reboot into WinPE, open a console, and type the commands from the log manually - 'diskpart select disk=0/select partition=2/assign letter=c', then 'diskinfo extend_last_partition' and get the results "selecting disk 0, selecting partition 2, can't extend this partition". Diskinfo printdisk shows two partitions - a 40MB (diagnostics) and a 80GB. If I don't use diskinfo and do everything this way - "diskpart, select disk=0, select partition=2, extend" everything works and and all the space is used...


            The log file shows exit code 5 for the diskpart rmvol.txt, then everything finishing correctly until the diskinfo extend_last_partition, which also exits with exit code 5.


            Any thoughts on how to correct this, or even troubleshoot it?

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              THogland Apprentice

              So, I'm wondering if nobody's ever seen this before, or just can't figure out what happened. But, the function...


              REMEXECxx=diskinfo extend_last_partition


              ...isn't working for some reason, and I can't figure it out. Typing it manually fails, but using 'diskpart extend' works. (By 'manually' I mean, reboot in WinPE and open a new console when the WinPE menu is up.)


              *Anyone* have a direction they can point me on this before I open a call on it?