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    8.8 Agent Install / MAC Image Installation / Device ID

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      has anyone a best practice for imaging mac clients and installing the ldms agent?



      is it the same like in the windows environment that you have to delete the device id if you store the agent in the image?



      how can you delete the device id on a mac?



      regards and thanks for help






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          We are using Netrestore with a custom built post-action to install the LANDesk agent. You can put the agent into your image, but you have to delete the /Library/Preferences/com.landesk.uuid.plist file right before you create the image. Once the image is on a machine and it reboots a new UUID is automatically generated. Keep in mind though that if your LANDesk agent changes faster than your image updates you will have to completely rebuild your image each time - using a post-action means you just have to update that action and not the entire image. We use this same process for our antiVirus Software too.