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    Using the Call module to first log a Portal Incident so that the SLA doesn't start too soon


      Hello all,


      I raised a call with LANDesk support a few months back (see the description and suggesetd resolution below).


      Can I ask if using the CALL module is still a common method of controlling the start of the SLA?


      If not, could somebody please show me a sample process that highlights Jenny's suggested solution which avoids the use of the CALL module.


      Many thanks in advance,




      Description :

      I have been asked to raise this by 2 of our customers as it is causing them a bit of concern.

      When the consultants set up our implementations for Portal, they used the Call Management module so that the SLA did not start until the save of the record.

      On a save, the details from the Call record would then be used to create a new incident in the Incident Management module and the SLA would then start.

      When moving to 7.5 we had the option to remove this functionality.

      However, we did not have time to change the way this works and, consequently, when a record is saved, the reference number displayed (of the CALL object) doesn't tally with the reference of the newly-created INCIDENT object.

      i.e. the customer saves the Portal incident (CALL) and they are presented with a 'Call nnn saved' message/screen with the option to continue.

      Is there a way to hide this message (web page) from the End User?

      The alternative is to undo the functionality to target the IM module directly but this is a big change for us to undertake,

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      Resolution :

      The SLA will start counting from the creation date of the Incident. The creation date will populate when you launch the window for logging the Incident.

      It is a good idea to log a Call instead and have this log the Incident as this means that it doesn't matter for how long the window has been opened as the Incident will be created when they hit save.

      I'm afraid though that the confirmation number showing in WebAccess when logging an Incident or a Call is hard coded and cannot be changed, so with this set up the end user would be getting the Call reference rather than the Incident reference which would be confusing.

      What I would suggest is to only use the Incident Management Module and then have the SLA start at the first OTHER status instead of the START status. This would mean that the SLA wouldn't start directly but when going through this OTHER status, which could be gone through automatically when hitting save on the Incident.