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    Local Scheduler - OS X


      How do I go about adding a task to the local schedule on a Macintosh client?

      Sorry if this has already been answered but I can't seem to find it anywhere.


      Thank you in advance for your help.

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          You can use a local scheduler script just like you do on windows.  What is it that you are trying to do?

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            I've been trying to add a local scheduler task that runs a killall bash command that kills a application with a memory leak every 4 hours.


            If I do a new Local Scheduler Scipt do I have do anything special in the command area or do I just add the bash commands?


            I was thinking of fixing the problem in the agent by modifiying the ldcron.xml within the agent settings.

            Thanks for the help.

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              Is this an app within LANDesk that has the memory leak?


              This is an example of a script I created:


              REMEXEC0=ldkahuna http://Package Server/ldlogon/mac/vulscan.zip

              REMEXEC1=ldgidget /Library/Application\ Support/LANDesk/sdcache/vulscan.zip

              REMEXEC2=ldkahuna http://Package Server/ldlogon/mac/vulscand.zip

              REMEXEC3=ldgidget /Library/Application\ Support/LANDesk/sdcache/vulscand.zip

              REMEXEC4=mv /Library/Application\ Support/LANDesk/sdcache/vulscan /Library/Application\ Support/Landesk/bin

              REMEXEC5=chmod 755 /Library/Application\ Support/LANDesk/bin/vulscan

              REMEXEC6=mv /Library/Application\ Support/LANDesk/sdcache/vulscand /Library/Application\ Support/Landesk/bin

              REMEXEC7=chmod 4755 /Library/Application\ Support/LANDesk/bin/vulscand


              LDKahuna copies and LDgidget extracts it. 

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                It is an application within LANDesk, I opened a Support Ticket and was told that you guys are working on it and will release a fix.


                ld_launchdaemon appears to have a memory leak, I was told there would be no harm in killing this process every couple hours to prevent the application from chewing up all of our users memory.


                Thank you for the example.

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                  The fix for that is already in content.  Download patch content and you will see LD-Launch-daemon.  This will fix the memory leak.

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                    Thank you for the news.