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    Filter help needed


      Starting in 7.3.1 we used queries to limit drop down attributes and provide access to collections via tabs at the bottom of an incident Window.  Each incident query for tabs had a constraint to limit the collect to just those on the incident.  Pretty standard stuff.  Couple of things have changed.  I upgraded a test database to 7.6.1 and I am moving to filters (finally) so webacecss works correctly.


      Since I am here, you might already have guessed that not all has gone well.  I can't open incidents now that the filters are in place.  Martyn found a reference to the Criteria needing change.  Seems with 7.6 you don't use a criteria of Incident.ID to Incident.ID.  You match Incident to Incident.ID where ID is really the reference number.  Making that change solved my issue, I can now open and create new incidents.  Well, kind of.  I should say that I can create incidents in the console, Webaccess gives me an error:

      There has been an unexpected error. Click Continue to return to the previous page.

      Error running query '_NotesFilterNewV2'. This is a Filter query and requires a Filter Data Object to run.

      Martyn has me creating the system filter in the Object editor.  Open incident, select Notes attribute, then select the "collections..." to create a new filter.  Supposedly it always creates a good filter because the system sets up most of the filter for you.  I believe the infamous words "can't do it wrong" were used.


      Certainly someone else is using filters in Webaccess 7.6.1 to restrict a drop down or control what tabs show in an incident.  I just want to know what the secret is.