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    Emulation TelnetCE problem




      I'm setting up a TelnetCE emulation of the AS400 of my company, but I have a problem :


      My main goal is to have clickable text where I want to. I've read about the syntax in the emulation parameters (like F(number)=*** or [***]) but when I setup the menu like that in the AS400, the TelnetCE interpretor put some "<" and ">" at the beginning and the end of my text, which makes it not clickable.


      Where does that come from ?


      Thanks for your answers.

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          In going through this, there could multiple reason why this could happen.. I am by no means an AS400 admin and I think a screen shot of our working AS400 would be worth more. Also make sure you are at the latest TE version.. If this continues to be an issue with the format, I would consult with the AS400 manufacturer or IBM directly for the correct syntax for your server.