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    Issue with Open Touch and Landesk SD 7.6.1


      I am working on a project to integrate Landesk with CA ServiceDesk.  Our development server is running LDSD 7.6.1, and I have the OpenTouch 7.6.1 Web Service installed. Our analysts and end users use Web Access exclusively to work on tickets.


      I am able to create a new incident ticket using an OpenTouch script.  However, whenever the ticket is updated via Web Access, it blanks out the Description field.


      I've done a little troubleshooting on this by myself, and it looks like this occurs only when Protection Level for Description is set to WriteOnce.  As soon as I change the field to be Read/Write, the issue goes away.  Unfortunately, the business has decided that Description must be a WriteOnce field.  Has anyone come across this issue, or a way to fix it?