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    Add Note Reminder


      We want reminders to be sent out to Assigned Group, Raise user or 3rd Party when an analyst adds a note to a ticket and tickets the notifyxxx tick box,

      (Notes are not added via email). However this doesn’t work, the reminder is generated but does notify the relevant selection.  Being able to notify assigned group and raise user is really important to us.


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          Mariusz.Maniak Expert

          Process and condition looks ok, but please check if Your reminder checkboxex are checked correctly:

          For raise User notificatoion (red line) as Value type set: incident/notes/notify raise user

          For Assigne - set incident/notes/notify Assigne and set as user Incident/CurrentAssignment/User

          If on note window "Notify Assigne" or "Notify Raise user" will be checked - reminder will be sent. (In my case I have only one reminder, you have to configure yours separately)

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            Some times when using HTML code it needs to begin with <HTML>.  Some times the HTML code needs to be in upper case.  This is all based on your e-mail system, with GroupWise I had to do both.  With Outlook, all I know is that it still works.


            Make sure the right group is selected.  In the example above only the active user is selected to get e-mail and not their group.  That's fine in some case but depends on the situation.  We actually do the assignment based on process.  When a note is added we have a box to cc the raiseuser otherwise no e-mail goes out if created by the owner.  If not created by owner the owner gets a copy.  If no owner, the assigned group gets a copy of the note.  I like what you can do with process better as you don't have to rely on the user to do something.  The example above is very nice and descriptive, nice job.

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              Mariusz.Maniak Expert

              What about your outbound mail queue? Are mails there? Which status (is email sent, email failed)?

              Whether any other mails are sent by the system?


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                A few things...


                1. I prefer to use LatestAssignment instead, CurrentAssignment can sometimes be null depending on the actions taken.
                  (both in your Condition and in the Reminder value types getting copied)
                2. As a test, try taking the Decisions out of the equation and let the process run straight through, creating all the reminders.  Then if any issue still remains it will be with the user values being copied.
                3. (Ok, there were really just two things, third-one included as an intentional waste of bandwidth)






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                  Wait, there is a 3rd...


                  In your action values for the Add Reminder, are you setting any of the checkboxes to TRUE?


                  (i.e., NotifyAssignee, NotifySupplier, NotifyRaiseUser)





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                    Mariusz.Maniak Expert

                    On Add Note window...

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                      No, I mean on the Add Reminder window... for the automatic AddReminder action that follows the AddNote.


                      Those checkboxes on the AddNote object do nothing except give you a flag to check in your process conditions.



                      There is a good reference here for how notifications get processed, and here's an excerpt that will help (I think):



                      There are two ways to specify the recipient(s) for a Reminder.  The first is to use the dropdowns and checkboxes on the Reminder itself which allows the same options and logic as is available in Assignments.


                      Note: Because the same logic is used there is a common misconception on the use of the Notify Assignee checkbox.  Unlike Assignments this does not send the notification to the currently assigned User/Group/Role of the related process.  Instead, like Assignments, it sends the notification to the User/Group/Role that is selected on that window.  Therefore the checkbox label on the Reminder window is better renamed to "Notify Specified Recipient(s):" to make its use more obvious.  A common cause of Reminders not being sent as expected is either the checkbox is selected but not a User/Group/Role, or vice versa




                      In other words, if you are copying-in a recipient/user by value type into the User/Group/Role/etc. drop-downs, you STILL NEED to check the NotifyAssignee box for it to generate a message to those selected users.


                      The document isn't as clear about what happens with the Supplier and Originator checkboxes, but in testing with Originator a.k.a. RaiseUser (...we don't have any suppliers setup for testing) it seems that all you need to do is check these and it will draw the appropriate user info from the main process.





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                        To sum up, you need to check off that "Notify Assignee" box on your Reminder window for the automatic action.  This must be checked if you are specifying any user/group/role/etc. in the drop-downs on the Reminder window


                        Also, the ONLY way to notify the assignees on your main-process is to copy their user/group/etc values into the drop-down by value-type/calc AND check that "Notify Assignee" box.







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                          This whole post is why I like to send e-mail via process.  Consistency is a good thing.

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                            I resolved this by removing the decision, and the added an automatic reminder just after Add Note. On the reminder window, I ticked the active check box. set the values of Notify Raise User , Notify Raise Assignee and Notify Raise Supplier to Incident/Notes/Notifyxxxx. respectively and then set the values of Raise User, Assignee and Supplier to Incident/Raise User, Incident/Current Assignment/xxxx  , Incident/Supplier.

                            thanks everyone

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                              Sounds good, glad it works.