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    Help, Reoccuring Provisioning Ghost

    MrGadget Expert

      I am running Landesk 9.5 no SP1.


      This is rather long and confusing but bare with me.


      This is the 2nd discussion I had about this and it keeps reoccuring. 1st discussion: http://community.landesk.com/support/message/89993#89993


      From time to time I keep getting complaints a provision template message pops up when a user boots up their computer.

      What is happening is the computer is looking for a Provisioning Template to run but not finding one scheduled.(This is indicated in Provisioning.log on the core server)


      What we have found is sometimes (in the case I'm looking at now was in June 2013) a provisioning was run but never completely finished. In other words it was imaged but during the tail end during software installs it failed.

      In the right click of the computer in Landesk console under Provisioning History it shows the task still running.


      As in the other discussion I uninstalled and reinstalled the PXE Rep. Didn't Help.


      Now for the confuseing part, I ran a Clear_Task_Queue 3 times and heres what I found. 1. deleted all users\landesk\manage suite\database  and remade database   2. deleted All user\landesk\manage suite\landesk\files  3. Did Not Delete All users\vulscan\*.xml     4.  May have deleted Program Files\landesk\ldclient\smdcache\*.xml (there are none showing)  5. Deleted  Program Files\landesk\ldclient\sdmcache\ldlogon\packages


      One last thing, the provisioning log both new and .old  only go back to September 9th 2013 and this computer only shows up in Provisioning log on September 16 at 4pm til now September 17 10AM.  We find no triggers to cause this.


      After rebooting the computer several times the provisioning template quit coming up but still indicates running in Right Click Provisioning History.


      Besides this computer I see 2 others constantly showing up in Provisioning log doing same thing but had no complaints of it showing up on boot up yet.

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          MrGadget Expert


          I deleted the computer from Landesk Consloe and ran inventory to put it back.


          This removed anything showing in the Right Click Provisioning History.


          This might have fixed it only time will tell but Why did the Provisioning Task show up months later that had failed?


          I am open for comments except for me being crazy.