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    Dell Precision T3600


      I got a Dell Precision T3600 that is not showing drives within diskpart using LANDesk PE. We are using a 9.5 core with it's latest PE configuration. The drive is attached via a SAS controller. Has anyone else seen this issue? I have tried loading the Storage Controller drivers from Dell's website into the PE image but it still will not see this drive. Any ideas?

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          Frank Wils ITSMMVPGroup

          What windows version driver did you use and what version WindowsPE you use? Did you redeploy your PXE representatives after adding the storage driver?



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            We used the Dell Windows 7 x64-Bit drivers and created a USB Boot media stick to keep testing with.

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              After further research we have updated the Windows PE drivers to Windows 8 x64-Bit drivers for use with 9.5. But we are still unable to load them by the looks or see a hard disk for this model device.


              We do see this when PE first comes up...



              [LDDrvLoad]: This is not a valid folder name, cFileName = .

              [LDDrvLoad]: This is not a valid folder name, cFileName = ..

              [LDDrvLoad]: Driver Folder List is empty

              [LDDrvLoad]: Fail to get Driver Inf File List