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    Sending a file to a users PC



      As a new user of landesk i am just starting to find my feet with this product .. But already i can see its a winner



      Can anybody adivse me if there is a way to just place a file on the users desktop using the software dist. task  ?



      Many thanks 



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          if its for multiple machines, you could use a bat distribution package

          batch file should contain something like this:

          yourserver\yourshare\yourfile.txt "c:\documents and settings\all users\desktop'


          or if you want it on the users desktop and not the all users:

          yourserver\yourshare\yourfile.txt "c:\documents and settings\%username%\desktop'

          (make sure the task is run as the current user and not the local system account and the user has read rights on the share)






          if its for just 1 machine, you can use the file transfer from remote control...






          edit: you could include the file to be copied in the package too. in that case the bat file is just



          xcopy yourfile.txt "c:\documents and settings\all users\desktop"



          the possibilities are endless

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            Under "Manage Scripts" one of the options is "New File Transfer Script." You can run through the wizard and create a custom script to do the file transfer. You can then schedule this script to run just like a distribution package.






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              Thanks for the answer .. that is a very logical way of doing it sometimes the simpler answers are the best many thanks for the quick response