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    Force LDMS maintenance


      Hi All,


      Just wondering if someone may be able to help with some advice on an issue I'm attempting to solve.  We are currently replacing / rebuilding the majority of our systems to be Windows 7.  We have duplicate device settings setup correctly and working however this pruning only seems to occur during Inventory DB maintenance which is set to 11pm nightly.  I have written scripts to check that the rollout teams are completing all computers correctly which are obviously coming back with the duplicate devices when rebuilt as they have not yet been pruned out of the DB.  If I wait overnight then the rollout teams are gone.


      Is there anyway outside of the doco below to force the DB to update?  Preferrably a scriptable method.  Or open to other suggestions to ignore the old duplicated devices without ruining the integrity of the check e.g. OS is Win 7, RAM = 6GB, model = 2222AAA.....



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          mrspike SSMMVPGroup

          While I do not know of another way to do it, you can change the time it runs... I have done this from time to time as a one off, changed the time to the next nearest hour, and after it ran, moved it back.

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            zman Master

            How are replacing rebuilding? I would investigate why you are getting duplicates. If you reimage the machines they should receive a new device ID and technically are not duplicates, so dupe detection should not work. This would create two devices with the same device name with two distinct device ids.


            As spike indicated and the doc you can force it but I don't know how to do it programatically. So some ideals:

            1. Open a support ticket to see if this can done programatically
            2. If you know what machines are going to be replaced (retired) you can place the list in the LANDesk query Builder and create a query to delete these machine or use the powershell script to delete the machines.
            3. Rebuilding machines, This depends on how this is done. You could also use the query builder to load the list and and sort by last inventory scan and delete them.
            4. You could grab the list of known machines that would be upgraded and create a device id list. Have not tried this one https://github.com/ddhahn/Powershell-LANDeskDeleteComputers/blob/master/LANDesk-WebServices-DeleteComputers.ps1




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              If i recall correctly, maintenance is performed when you restart the inventory service. Set an alert to confirm db maintenance is performed and restart the inventory service.

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                zman Master

                In older versions of LANDesk (8) I thik this was the case but in newer versions It no longer works this way.

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                  I can't test that theory right now on my server, but I'm 99% sure every time I kick the inventory service my alert goes off for inventory maintenance. (9.5 SP1)

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                    If you set the time for maintenance to run to a time prior to the current time, then maintenance will run each time the service is started.  If the current time is prior to the maintenance time, the service will wait until the maintenance time to kick it off.


                    I agree with zman.  If things are set up correctly you should not get duplicates.

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                      I agree as well on the duplicates shouldnt be happening from just a re-image. It almost sounds like the duplicate detection is flagging systems incorrectly.

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                        MarXtar ITSMMVPGroup

                        As mentioned in the other responses, on the Core Server Console go to Configure - Services - Inventory and in the is the hour setting for the maintenance. Set this earlier in the day for the period of your project and then you can check toward the end of the day and see what is left? If the rollout work finishes at 4, then set it at 4 so you cen check after that?


                        The comments about duplicates not happening are correct for a given value of correct.


                        As a rollout is progressing and there are rollout teams, it looks like you have a major manual replacement underway. In that cae then every 'new' system shouldn't create a duplicate only upgrade ones. LANDesk could have been used to perform the rollout in a way that prevewnted duplicates from occurring but would I be right in assuming that LANDesk OS Depoyment or provisioning plays no part in these upgrades? 3rd party company sending in boots on the ground?


                        If there is time, then there may be ways to improve this process so that duplicates are not an issue but only you can indicate that.


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                          Thanks for all the replies.  I suppose I can change rollout teams process so that I can do the manual time rollback and service restart.  I have already checked that this works.


                          Just to clarify some things as I believe the duplicate device settings are setup correctly.  This is a mixture of new hardware (old devices are scanned into a script to automatically remove the devices from AD and LANDesk, using GUID), and rebuilt devices using a "fat" type USB image of which the LD agent is installed during "first run" scripts (This is when we get the duplicates that are pruned by landesks duplicate device detection at maintenance time). If devices are rebuilt from XP to Win 7 using our Landesk provisioning we don't usually have this same issue.  Keeping in mind that all devices were XP and rebuilt to Win 7,  meaning in landesk until pruned, I have one old device ID with device name blah123 saying XP and new one saying blah123 saying Win 7.


                          So in short all LD automated process appear to be working correctly... I just wanted to make it work faster and when I want it to happen.  I think I may be able to add to the script to detect dupe device names and remove the one that has not made the most recent contact out of the two.  Still got 6 months of rollout so may be worth spending the time in the script instead of changing to manual process daily.