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    LDMS 9.5 SP1 PXE Rep Issue


      Morning all, thought I'd share with you a small issue I found yesterday, someone may have already found this but I did a quick search but didn't turn anything up so thought I'd share just in case.


      Applied SP1 to my new 9.5 environment a few weeks ago with no issues until yesterday when I deployed a new PXE Rep. PXE deployed and worked fine BUT after imaging a machine with exactly the same template and image the Windows 8.3 settings are disabled and this resaults in certain software refusing to install as it can't resolve the naming properly. Did a little digging and found the URL below which sort of seems to identify the issue. So as a test I then copied the 9.5 (without SP1) BOOT.WIM file back to the newly deployed PXE Rep and voila, issue resolved. I believe that 9.5 SP1 uses a newer version of PE and WAIK compatible with Windows 8 and this possiby is the cause. I have a contact at LANDesk who I emailed this morning in the hope he can direct me to someone who needs this information so if I get more info on this I will add comments to this post.




      Apart from that I'm loving 9.5 SP1, no other issues have arisen



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