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    iOS7 issue?


      I fear this is going to require an update to the LD Agent.......


      We've had over 100 users so far upgrade their phones to iOS7, and from what I've seen, after the upgrade the LD Agent app acts as if the device has never been enrolled.  It opens to the enrollemtn screen, prompting for the URL, username, and password.


      The device still has the enrollment profiles installed on the phone, and it still checks in and communicates with the MDM prior to re-enrollment.  If I do actually re-enroll the phone, it creates a duplicate entry into the MDM, but doesn't fully inventory the device.  So far, I've noticed that it doesn't pull down any device information such as serial number, OS version, Phone Number, Equipment ID (Device ID), etc


      If I open the LD Agent after the re-enroll, it forces me to reinstall the profile, again.... and just stays in this continuous loop.



      Has anybody else seen this issue?  Attached is a screen shot showing duplicate entries.  I "greyed out" the last 4 of the phone number.