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    Minisetup hangs



      I'm attempting to get OSD image demployment using sysprep working, and after it images and restarts, minisetup loads, and just sits on the screen saying "Please wait..."






      I let it run overnight, and nothing happened.






      Does anyone have any suggestions?  Thanks.



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          Some more info from the log files:






          #-199 Executing "C:\WINDOWS\system32\setup.exe" with command line: setup -newsetup

          #W082 Could not locate a non-empty service section http://Clean.Services in

          "C:\WINDOWS\system32\$winnt$.inf". Error 0xe0000102: The required line

          was not found in the INF.



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            ThomasCollignon Apprentice




            I was also confronted with the problem. The mini-setup crashes, and after a forced restart, the mini-setup resumed, and completes the installation.

            A note that after the forced restart, the screen resolution is more than 640/480, 800/600, but rather.


            Obviously, this is a problem of video driver.

            There is a Microsoft KB: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/910678 which seems to replicate our problem.

            A patch is available, but only with request to Microsoft Support...X-(


            I have not yet had time tested, but the file name is "Acadproc.dll", and is updated on version "5.1.2600.5512" with the WinXP-SP3.



            If you have the opportunity to confirm the correction of the problem after replacing the file...


            By, and good luck...



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              Have you got any Mass Storage Driver (SATA,SCSI,SAS,AHCI) on Master Image?



              It seems it looks for a service in the MassStorageSection...



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                Thanks for the help guys.  As it turns out, I suspect it has something to do with SP3.  After trying the MS patch suggestion, I decided off of a hunch to attempt to capture/deploy our current image (not built using LANDesk), which worked fine.  The only major differences were Windows updates.

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                  I ran into this same issue when creating our Hardware Independent Image.  Took a while to figure out, but the problem WAS related to a video driver, as someone stated earlier.  I solved this by requesting these 2 hotfixes from M$ and installed them prior to sysprepping and capturing our MASTER XP image.





                  You do have to request the hotfixes, they were emailed to me within a few hours.  After applyting these 2 patches I've been able to deploy our MASTER image to several different PC and laptops models with driver injection without issue.


                  Hope this helps.