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    Unattend file issue

    Peregrine Apprentice

      I tried to personal the unattend.xml for Windows 7 deployment.  I thought I have everything entered correctly but can’t seem to automate the local account logon process.  When it booted up the first time it prompted me to create an account. I tested the unattend.xml file directly on a Windows 7 machine without using LANDesk. I attached the unattend.xml file hoping you guys can point out the correct entry for the local account.  Thanks.

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          It's required during the sysprep process to create an account. Here is what I did as an example. (clipped just the parts important to have).


          Basically add a "create user", but define the autologon to the administrator account. Then delete the user when running the firstlogon executions. Make sure to activate the administrator account in the specialize phase, and set the password for the administrator account in the OOBE phase.


          <settings pass="specialize">

          <RunSynchronousCommand wcm:action="add">

          <Description>Activate Administrator</Description>


          <Path>net user administrator /active:yes</Path>



          <settings pass="oobeSystem">


          <SynchronousCommand wcm:action="add">

          <CommandLine>net user sysprep /delete</CommandLine>

          <Description>Command to delete the local user account</Description>











          <LocalAccount wcm:action="add">













          Just a note/warning, don't try to copy paste this into an xml. Find the property items in the WAIK to add these items/attributes.

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            Peregrine Apprentice

            Thanks for the descriptive layout Brian.