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    "Sync Clock" and Timewarps


      Hi All,

                We are using Avalanche to sync the clocks of our devices (Motorola MC75 and MC75A's) with the server. Here are our enabler settings:



      We have observed within our application log throughout a 24hr period the device clock can go forward and backward. Typically the variation is minutes but we have also observered years e.g. 1996, 2003 on some devices.


      Has anyone noticed similar behaviour?  How does Avalanche sync the fleet of devices to the server time?


      2013-09-05 18:05:04,000 [DEBUG] [-1411816998] - Dequeue

      2013-09-05 18:05:04,000 [DEBUG] [-1411816998] - PersistQueue

      2013-09-05 18:05:04,000 [INFO] [-1411816998] - Save (+): TransmitMessages

      2013-09-05 18:05:04,000 [INFO] [-1411816998] - Save (-): TransmitMessages

      2013-09-05 18:05:04,000 [DEBUG] [-1411816998] - PersistQueue

      2013-09-05 18:04:34,000 [DEBUG] [-1411816998] - Dequeue     <-- Note: Time has gone backwards!

      2013-09-05 18:04:44,000 [INFO] [-1411816998] - TransmitMessage HealthReportMessage: battery charge percent: 255,



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          Matt Dermody SSMMVPGroup

          Do you have a Motorola Wireless infrastructure as well? What could be happening is the device is syncing its clock with the Avalanche Server and then is syncing its time with the wireless network through Fusion. As a result you are seeing this tug of war of device time configuration.

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