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    greyed out - Manage the drivers in the win pe image


      I have just upgraded LDMS from 9.0sp4 to 9.5, then immediately rebooted and upgraded to 9.5 sp1.

      I am now trying my OSD scripts for the first time, and am having issues.


      When I boot, I get into WINPE, but the PXEMENU is blank or white.


      Upon further reading, I see that I need to inject win8 64bit ethernet drivers.

      • Even though I can ping my core without any updating.


      Now when I try and click on the "Manage the drivers in the WinPE image" button, it is greyed out, and I am not sure how to fix it.


      I have now been on the phone waiting for tech support for 1 hr and 44 minutes.  Any help would be appreciated. :-)