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      I just found out that SQL Server Reporting Services exists a couple weeks back when I saw a reference to it here on the LANDesk forums.  I have hated, yes, true hate, Crystal Reports and their stupid layout with hidden options that are three windows away.  Very little is easy or intuitive.  Server is even more foreign and awkward to use.  So when I found out SSRS exists and we have a server running, I jumped at the opportunity to try it out.


      In some ways it was hard to use.  After using Crystal Reports so much, I had almost gotten used the to weird ways.  It only took 1 simple report and some figuring out of things before I was hooked on SSRS.  Scheduling report distribution is 100 times easier and more flexible.  The parameters and dynamic features are 100 times easier to use.  I really liked SSRS.  I did a bunch of management pivor tables and from what I see SSRS has more options and flexibility.


      If you already use Microsoft SQL server, might want to give SSRS a look if you hate CR as much a I do.  I know it supports Oracle but I suspect licensing might be expensive but still might be worth a look.


      Has anyone used something better than SSRS?  I am only 1 report into SSRS so could change to something else for my main reporting tool if there is something better out there.

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          im a heavy ssrs users, its nice to see someone in this forum use it , since CR is the most popular one i guess. But i agree in terms of layout, dashboard making, parameters is 100x times better, but for printer report CR is still the best.

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            We have a printer with dust on it in the corner


            We print to PDF and e-mail or use an online web report.  Printing of reports is very rare.  I have been thinking about how a dashboard could be done with it as well.  I would have a lot more flexibility as a web page.  It's too bad I have so many other projects.