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    Task Scheduling rerun every Hour

    WorkWork Rookie

      Hi all,


      i've a Question related to Scheduling Jobs:


      LANDesk Environment LDMS 9.0 SP2



      My Idea is to have LDAP Groups in which i or the user Helpdesk can place user or Workstation accounts to automatically install Software on.

      (i know i would have to tweak the 90 days in sdmcache if this would work)


      - I have packaged a Adobe Reader for testing purpose. It's an Ececutable Package. Detection is set to a specific File with specifc Versionnumber.

      - I have created 2 Taks one for distribution, one for installing both rerun every hour. These Tasks validate on a specific LDAP Group.


      The distribution Task runs first, distributes software to the sdmcache.

      Then half an hour later the installer Task kicks in and installs the software - working fine.


      soo heres the question/Problem


      An hour later the distribution Task reruns checks all needed Files are already there und leave it like that (rewrites the .infos.. i know 90 days etc.)

      Then the installer Task reruns und installs that software again..


      How can i schedule these Taks/the installer Task in a way that it only installs the Package if it hasnt been installed already?

      and i dont want to have to reopen the Task after first run to set it to failed devices or devices that never run this task..


      If possible i'd like to have these 2 Tasks run every hour  and only on Machines where the Software hasnt been installed it gets installed..

      Like user calls helpdesk "I need Acrobat Reader" - Helpdesk adds Machine in LDAP Group - An hour later Software gets deployed and later installed.


      I dont wanna touch these Tasks again (only for new Software Package)


      Im sorry if this is a dumb question.. i havent found anything even with google and to worsen it.. i havent had a Trainig Course in LANDesk..




      Thanks in Advance



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          Fabian Schmidt Expert



          as you are on LDMS 9 with SP2 you are not able to differ at the rerun time of the task, to only install on machines that didn't installed the software. You can do this with 9.5, there it is configurable which devices should be considered for rerunning the task.


          Maybe I missed something, but are you distributing the software by push or by policy?


          There is one great affect if you would use policy based distribution:

          You don't need to reschedule the task to refresh the ldap target. This is done automatically by the scheduler service within one hour by default.


          Try this:

          (Set up a push task for distribution, if you want to, but you don't need the task. The software will be donwloaded to the client if this is configured in the delivery method.)

          Create a new Software Distribution Task with a policy as delivery method, for example required installation.

          Add your LDAP Target to the Task and schedule this one ONCE! (The LDAP Target can be empty)

          Make sure your Agentconfiguration queries for policy updates maybe every 3 hours

          Now add a client to your LDAP Group and wait what will happen.


          What you will see, is that the software will be installed after latest 4 hours.

          If you have a test environment, then you can reduce the policy polling in your agent configuration and change the value for query refresh on the core server under Configure --> Services --> Scheduler --> Interval between Query evaluations from 1 hour to 15 minutes. ONLY do this in a test environment!

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            WorkWork Rookie



            thanks a lot schmiddi. That was what i was looking for. works like a charm... Now im setting up preffered servers for remote locations.



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              Fabian Schmidt Expert

              Hi WorkWork,


              your welcome. Nice to hear that my suggestion worked for you.