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    Cannot Create Incident via eMail..anyone can share ideas why?



      I am new to LANDesk application and we are trying to implement Service Desk 7.6 on our environment. Currently we're using all Windows 2012 for DC, Exchange 2013, SQL 2008 and Service Desk 7.6. We can creat incidents/requests using the web access, self service portal and console. We tied it on our AD without an issue. We can import users form AD without any glitches. We confirmed that our inbound email inbox can successfully connects to the Exchange 2013 using IMAP4 protocol whether using port 143 or 993 (please see attachment1). We also confirmed that our outbound email can successfully send an email (please see attachment2). With regards to our mapping we're just usig the default process (please see attachment3). Just wondering if some outhere can point me to the right direction, basically our objective is to spin up a new incident using email. Thanks in advance.