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    Why Bundles instead of Groups vs Bundles as PackageType AND Groups?

    ChrisHagy Apprentice

      While I love the idea of bundles as a cleaner means of deployment multiple packages at the same time to garner a specifically defined result.. I am curious why they are being considered a replacement for Groups which served a completely different function instead of just a Type of Package.


      Groups are about order and structure to what can be a very large number of packages. As opposed to Bundles which are about the ordered execution of multiple packages.


      So now, when we define a package structure based on our Vendor \ Application \ Edition \ Version schema we have the potential to deploy the entire collection of products by VENDOR to a given set of systems.. including both the installation and removal tasks for the same applications.. and to think we were just starting to contemplate opening up the software distribution capability to more Support groups..


      I love bundles.. but please bring my Groups back..


      I hope this is unintentional but this method of bundling by structure means that we have to have multiple copies of the same package to be included in different bundles that are not based on the same hierarchal structure...Please convert Bundles to a PackageType and allow selection and ordering of execution from existing packages rather than based an automatic structure capture.