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    5250 emulator issues with WT41N0 devices

    jreed Rookie

      We have purchased several WT41N0 devices in the last 4 months.  It seems like ALL of them are having issues with the telnet client in some way or another.  The user will be in the middle of a telnet session and them emulator suddenly closes.  OR, another issue is the scanner.  The user will be using the emulator and the scanner suddenly quits working.   Exiting and going back into the emulator fixes it. 


      Has anyone had these troubles and how did you fix?

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          cachilli SupportEmployee

          Sorry to hear about those issues.. Depending on the maintence agreements, you should contact the appropriate support channels and get a ticket logged on this issue so it can be resolved..




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            Matt Dermody SSMMVPGroup



            An issue/annoyance I see a lot with TelnetCE on the WT41N0 is that by default, TelnetCE will prompt you if you would like to use the Bluetooth Scanner with a pop up window. If you are using the tethered scanner you have to set it as the Default Scanner in the emulation parameters on the device, otherwise it will always give you the option to use the bluetooth scanner.


            The issues that you are experiencing with the emulator suddenly closing - Do they seem like TelnetCE is crashing or is it more like your telnet session is just closing? If you're losing connectivity temporarily on the devices and you have the "Exit On Disconnect" Emulation Parameter set the TelnetCE application could be closing every time your device roams out of wireless coverage.

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              Sorry Jmdermody but it is not the right answer


              I am agree with Jreed, on WT41N0 the scanner suddenly stop working

              we are in trouble on a lot of customer

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                Matt Dermody SSMMVPGroup

                Have you tried updating to the latest OSUpdate and SPRs provided by Motorola. If you're having scanner issues that should be the first place you should look.