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    General Issues with 9.5 SP1 Kaspersky AV making clients machines unusable


      Over the past few weeks/months my team and I have been having issues with the LDMS 9.5 SP1 Kaspersky.  We currently have agents deployed to both Windows 7 and Windows 8 machines and experience roughly the same issues.  Our team has applied all updates and customer packages provided by LANDesk to help with high CPU, constant full scanning, etc.  It seems that non of these "fixes" have really helped our problem.  We have found that upon logon to windows after reboots a full scan kicks in even though it is not schedule and brings the machine to its knees on startup.  Our team has also found that randomly during the day that the AV scanner will start a full scan and make Outlook and or browsers useless.  We have been tweaking the agent to remove components but still have issues, unless we remove all components or AV entirely.   


      Has anyone deployed 9.5 SP1 Kaspersky AV to an entire environment with positive results? Are customers mainly still in testing phase not willing to move foward?  I have concerns with rolling this out to our corporate environment as members of our pilot teams have the above issues.  The only way to stop the problem is going into the Kaspersky window and right clicking to stop the full scan to get the machine to respond when it gets in that full scan state.


      Does anyone feel the same as our group or are we special?  Is their any update from LD about future AV patches to resolve these issues?  Are folks planning on staying on LD 9.0 SP4 until resolved?  I will have a team member tomorrow update the post with the exact patches we have applied to 9.5 SP1 for those interested.