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    CSVImport of Lease information - scan files being processed incorrectly.



      Howdy guys n gals,






      I am having a problem using CSVImport to import Leasing Information for my devices in my inventory.

      I have successfully created a template file and source CSV which is actually producing the correct scan files...  the data contained in the outputted scans are as shown...






      Network - TCPIP - Address =

      Device Name = <COMPUTERNAME>

      Leasing Information - Contract number = XXXXXXX

      Leasing Information - End date = 30/11/2008 12:00AM

      Leasing Information - Last updated date = 16/04/2008

      Leasing Information - Payment frequency = Monthly

      Leasing Information - Start date = 30/11/2005 12:00AM

      Leasing Information - Amount Financed = 1857.66

      Leasing Information - Lease Status = Active






      So, I take all the scan files it creates and dump them into my ldscans directory and they are magically carried away to the inventory... now... here is where the problem begins...



      All of the Dates created in the scans file enter in as 1/01/1970 11:00:30 AM. This is for the Start Date, End Date and Last Updated Date...



      Has anyone seen anything like this before? I can't work it out..



      Oh, I am running LDMS 8.7 SP5






      Any help would be appreciated,