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    Way to Show user is a VIP on Incident window


      Hi Guys


      After using some previous discussions on community (big thanks to those people kind enough to share them) I now have a pop-up message appearing for users who have been classified as Super VIP users - calculation on the Incident window as a before save to look at new BO SuperVIP and if it's True pop-up the message box.


      Have run into a slight issue.


      Background.  We already have numerous users classified as VIP users.  This was done by creating a relationship between System.TrueorFalse object and user and called this VIP User.  All great.  However there is then a copy rule (set for Value Change) to copy this info to a string attribute VIP User Info.  This was all pre my time and I'm assuming we have this so that we can show this string attribute (VIP User Info) on the Incident window, the object VIP User isn't accessible from Raise User on the Incident window.  My issue is that because of the copy rule if a user is classified as both VIP and SuperVIP then the pop-up box is displaying twice.  Has anyone any idea how I can populate the string attribute VIP User Info without using a copy rule?  Tried a calculation but it's failing miserably - probably cause I'm not sure what I'm doing .  Or is there anyway to be able to access the VIP User object from Raise User in Incident?





      using LDSD 7.4

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          Hi Helen,


          Is it this thread you're referring to?  http://community.landesk.com/support/thread/15282


          Not having any visibility of your calculation I can only guess, but it sounds like the calculation is checking for a True value against VIP and Super VIP, and because both are evaluating as true it's showing the popup twice.  Do Super VIPs really need to be marked as regular VIPs as well?  If so, you could alter the calculation to check for Super VIP first, then skip the VIP check if it's true.


          Does that help?




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            Hi Jon


            Yes that was the thread. 


            I don't think the calculation is checking both.  It's VIP User that determines the priority of the incidents as defined in the agreement rules so these users will need to be both VIP and Super VIP.  I think I might log a call with support (feel free to keep an eye out ) as it may be easier to see what's happening in a remote session.





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              Have marked this as complete.  We did a rebuild of our test enviroment and when I've redone this lo and behold it is working as I wanted and I only get the popup box once .  I can only assume I'd messed about that much in the old test enviroment that there was something left lurking about that was causing the issue.