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    Web servers rebooted, config centre reset ?


      I have two web servers load balanced, over the weekend i had the memory allocations upgraded from 4gb to 8gb each. After the reboot i looked in configuration centre just as part of my checkup to make sure everything was still in order and i saw this below, web02 doesnt have any available services created. Im quite sure that they should both be exactly the same but i didnt want to change any settings because of a hunch or false memory. Do they need to be the same ?


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          Fabian Schmidt Expert

          Normally the setup should be exactly the same on both webservers.


          BUT: Do you have in addition to your two web servers an application server? If yes, all services should only be configured on the application server!


          If you look in the "LANDesk Service Desk Technical Specification and Architecture Guidelines.pdf" from the Service Desk Documents you will find a very good description on how to set up your environment.

          For you it could look like this:

          1 Application Server with the configured Applications

          2 Webservers Servers with the exact same Applications configured WITHOU any Windows Service


          Within a service desk environment there should only be one server with the services, espacially the background and knowledge Service.

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            Thanks for the reply. I went to each web server and turned those services off and monitored tickets for a short while to make sure there were no adverse effects. The only service that gave me any issues on the app server was the 'resource manager service', that one will not start, do i need it and what does it do ?



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              Fabian Schmidt Expert

              So there is an application server in your environment where all these services are running?


              The ressource manager service is the service for the module called ressource manager that is gateway for service desk to your exchange server to create appointments etc. Such an old module, that needs sepicif configuration...

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                Correct, the application server had all of these services running already, the only integration with exchange that we use is the outbound mail service so it sounds as though we dont use/need the resource manager service. It wasnt running on the app server or either web server anyway, it just came to my attention that it wouldnt start.

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                  The documentation describes 1 web server, 1 application server, and 1 database server, but I can see how this could cause confusion as the application server is really a web server also, since it's running IIS and is configured via web browser.


                  Maybe "Web Access Server" would clarify things.