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    Provisioning Windows 7 via install.wim


      I am trying to provision Windows 7 using the install.wim file. The OS displays as Windows 7 Home edition when the task is complete. I am guessing that Microsoft uses the same install.wim for each version but I cannot figure out how to specify the version. I would guess that there is the ability in the unattend file but where and how?



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          kleong Apprentice

          you need to know which index number of the image you want in the wim as the wim image may contain more than a single version of windows in it. Microsoft has provided the WAIK \ WADK so you can use the DISM or ImageX utilities to find the info you need.


          eg: index 1 could be home edition, on index 2, it could be the pro edition (this is assuming the wim you are using contains the multi-version edition)


          DISM / ImageX Command to get information of your WIM file;

          dism.exe /get-imageinfo /imagefile:install.wim

          imagex.exe /info install.wim


          example output from DISM:

          Index : 1 (this is the number you would want to look out for)

          Name : Windows 7 Home

          Description : some sort of description

          Size : ###3,521,205,828 bytes


          ImageX outputs it in an XML format, you should be able to quickly work out which index number corresponds to which Windows edition.


          DISM / ImageX command to apply your WIM with the right index number which corresponds to the version of windows you want;

          dism.exe /Apply-Image /ImageFile:install.wim /Index:<index number of the image> /ApplyDir:<driveletter:>

          imagex.exe /apply install.wim <index number> <your destination drive/path>

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            Brilliant. I didn’t even think about the install.wim file having multiple indexes. Thanks!