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    Macs Records overwriting each other/merging?


      Running into a strange issue, some of my LANDesk records seem to be overwriting each other.  It seems to be only occuring with Mac Agents.  We're running LANDesk 9.5 SP1. 


      GUID of the machines is different. Checked com.landesk.uuid.plist.   The machines are imaged with DeployStudio and the LANDesk Agent is part of a scripted install so it's not included in the base image that is cloned.


      If I look under Inventory Changes History the device names keep changing.


      Any idea what would cause this?

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          jfisher Rookie

          Macado, we saw the same issue when we had device duplication set to be triggered by device name/mac addres (both changing not 1 of 2.), which can be a volitile field with Mac OS with dhcp, our systems were taking on the name of the network device node name and not using the sharename. This combined with a changing mac address, as in the case of switching from wired to wireless or using vpn caused the client records to collide. We had to modify the duplication and send out a script to our Mac clients to force the device name to always default to the sharename. We have seen this issue since as early on as 9.5, prior to sp1.

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            csoto Specialist

            Yes, it's important to realize that "Device Name" is derived from the OS's "HostName" which is not necessarily the same as the "ComputerName."  This causes a lot of confusion in the Console for hosts that use DHCP.


            One workaround is to "hard code" this using the scutil binary in OS X.  This script will set HostName to whatever ComputerName is set to:


            REMEXEC0=/usr/sbin/scutil --get ComputerName | /usr/sbin/scutil --set HostName $1

            REMEXEC1=/Library/Application\ Support/LANDesk/bin/ldiscan --mini


            Note that we also kick off a "mini" inventory scan, just so the new Device Name gets picked up.  You can include the above shell script routines (everything right of "REMEXECx=") in a Deploy Studio workflow.  Do so prior to installing the LDMS Agent and you'll get the right results.


            Note that I put "hard code" in quotes because while this setting is mostly stable, there may be some configuration changes that cause it to revert to whatever is supplied by DHCP/DNS.



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