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    PXE rep deployment after 8.8 upgrade



      I am having a problem deploying a PXE rep after we updated our core server to 8.8. It appears that all the REMCOPY lines fail.



      Here is one line of the log file:



      "MyPXERep","ERR_Fail",0,0:00:01,5/23/2008 8:22:10 AM,5/23/2008 8:22:11 AM,[file://
      my.package.server.com\pkgs$\OSD\files\bootmenu.1, C:\Program Files\LANDesk\LDClient\bootmenu.1, TOREMOTE]



      This only happened after the upgrade. The files are in the location specified and I have been able to use a DOS copy command to copy the file over. Any clue why this would happen?



      I have been able to get PXE reps up and running by copying the files mannually, but I shouldn't have to do that.



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          phoffmann SupportEmployee

          Sounds like you've edited your PXE deployment script somewhat ... the default script copies the files from the Core to the client direct, not via a package server.


          If you're using a package server for this, you may want to think of re-working your script - to either use something like HTGET or SDCLIENT to copy the files down, as that may be more reliable for you (plus with SDCLIENT you can have the benefit of a log-file as well as pulling files down from HTTP-shares rather than UNC).


          Paul Hoffmann

          LANDesk EMEA Technical Lead

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            Yes we are using package servers. We have many locations throughout North America and will need to deploy PXE reps to those locations.



            We create scripts for those locations to point to their package servers to copy files.



            The PXE rep deployment script worked fine before the upgrade and the scripts before and after the upgrade are identical.



            We did not want to copy files from the core to remote locations, especially those locations with less bandwidth.



            Did something change in 8.8 to affect the REMCOPY command? Is there a way I can test just the REMCOPY command like through a DOS prompt?



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              phoffmann SupportEmployee

              No, you cannot test REMCOPY, since it's essentially a "LANDesk internal" thing between CUSTJOB and the client's LANDesk agent. It's not just a "copy"-command as it were :).


              This is why I suggest using what would essentially be a somewhat glorified SDCLIENT-file transfer script instead for this scenario - allows for logging and more reliability for your particular scenario.


              REMCOPY per se (and CUSTJOB) hasn't particularly changed in quite a while - it's simply possible that you've got a network hiccup or so. Hence my suggestion (in your case) to go and use SDCLIENT, especially since you can make it more bandwidth friendly and all that :).


              Paul Hoffmann

              LANDesk EMEA Technical Lead.

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