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    Capturing Hyper-V without PXE


      Hyper-V allows for PXE booting with a legacy network adapter, however, you can only add a PXE server to Hyper-V console if your PXE server is running WDS.

      I was initially capturing images with OSD Scripts which required the PXE boot in order to access "WinPE Menu". Because we cannot boot to see that menu I scrapped the OSD method of capture altogether... I ended up creating a very basic provisioning template called Capture... In the OS Deployment actions I selected capture image... (specify your images share and give your capture file a name... ex. \\myserver\ldshares\images\test.tbi then click validate.


      I then created provisioning media and made it an ISO file. I added this ISO to my Hyper-V library and booted to the ISO with my VM. This enabled me to capture my Hyper-V master image!


      I hope this helps others who decide to leverage Hyper-V...