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    Associate window to manual action


      While testing the Full Incident process I see that when I create a new call and clic on the default Complete Mandatory Data action, the window that popups is the Incident again, not the Mandatory Fields.


      I don´t really know how to assign a new window to that action. I guess that I cannot do it in the Full Incident process directly, as it´s the default one and it´s active.


      To test that in a dummy Full Incident process I do as follows:


      1. Copy the default Full Incident process and name the copy IT Support

      2. Select the new IT Support process and clic Modify Process.

      3. Right clic on the green box labeled Complete Mandatory Data and select Modify Action Window.

      4. This opens the list of available windows for the process, where I select the Mandatory Fields window and clic Open. A new console window with the Mandatory Field windo designer pops-up.

      5. As that window is ok to me and I don´t want to modify it, I don´t do any change. It´s not obvious how to Accept/Approve/Confirm that this window is the one I want. (Any hint???)

      6. I clic the File > Save menu, in a desperate attempt to confirm my selection of that window for the action. and then I close the window.

      7. If I double-clic the Complete Mandatory Data action the Incident window pops-up, while I would expect the Mandatory Fields.


      If I create a new shortcut component for the Incident Management > Incident that uses my IT Support process, when I clic the Complete Mandatory Data action, the Incident window opens, instead of the Mandatory Fields one.


      My feeling is that because of some reason I cannot use the Mandatory Fields window (is wrong or contains errors or is corrupted or something) (i´ve not modified it, is the out-of-the-box one), so the process reverts to the default one (i.e. Incident window)


      In short: how can I associate a window to a manual action, or troubleshoot that association (i.e. see which is the currently associated window and/or see why a window cannot be associated)