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    How do I use a sql query as landesk query?




      I would like to create LANDesk queries based on information from a different SQL Database. The SQL Query works after configuring linked server in SQL and so on.


      In this Doc http://community.landesk.com/support/docs/DOC-5789 it's mentioned how it's possible to view SQL statements from Queries created through LANDesk. It also mentions that you can't just change the 'QuerySQL' Filed with a random query (I missed that part when I first read it) but there's got to be a way.


      Has anybody done it?

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          Frank Wils ITSMMVPGroup

          First of all, this is a Management Suite question, not Service Desk, so I moved it to the right section.


          Second, no within the LANDesk query tool, this is not possible. You might get it to work within the Report designer, where you can use actual SQL statements, but your best bet is Data Analytics where you can import the relevant data into the Inventory records (and export again to another DB or CSV file, if you want) and use the regular LANDesk query and reporting tools on the now-native data.