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    Add an Antivirus Software to scan in PXE Boot


      Would it be possbile to add an antivirus software to the LanDesk PXE Boot options along with the imaging options already in place?

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          Tanner Lindsay SupportEmployee

          What are you trying to do? Are you saying you want to run an AV scan in WinPE that scans the hard drive of the machine, or makes sure that the WinPE PXE image doesn't have viruses?


          If are wanting to scan the drive in the machine from WinPE (something like an "offline AV scan") there might be some options. I haven't done any of these, but they work in my head


          • Find and AV engine that will run in WinPE. It would probably have to be a standalone package, not something that has to be installed. It would also probably be good if it can be "packaged" with definitions and update "live" during the scan from the internet. Something "portable".
          • There are a couple options to get that into WinPE. You can inject/add it to the boot.wim image and update that on your PXE Reps. Be aware that it could increase the space needed for the RAM drive (and maybe even the RAM used to run) so you might run into problems with anything less that 512MB. Alternatively you could setup a script to download the AV engine after the machine has booted into WinPE.
          • While possible, it can be VERY tricky to add an option to the "root" PXE boot options menu (where it says things like WinPE Menu, Managed WinPE etc.). However, you can add scripts to the PXE boot menu that appears once WinPE menu is selected and WinPE loads. You can also schedule a machine for a script and have LANDesk automatically pull it into WinPE and start the script. To do this you will have to "trick" LANDesk into thinking that your AV scan script is just another OSD script. Create an new OSD script, fill out bogus information just to get it saved. Then open the script in "Advanced Edit", find the section that happens in WinPE and change the commands to do whatever is needed for the AV scan and take out what you don't want. Then put that in the PXE Menu, or schedule it to the machine.


          Like I said, I haven't tried it, but I think you can do it. That might be something interesting to see in the future. If you get it working, let us know!