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    Item not being deleted from web interface window


      Hi Everyone,

      Have a bit of an issue with the window designer. I added a drop down item to a window and was later asked to remove it. I removed the item using the window manager and it no longer shows in the modal test, the normal window test, or the designer however whenever a user opens the web page in the web interface it still shows the field listed. I'm not sure how to remove it as I can't see the field in the window designer in order to delete it.


      Are there any tricks to get this item deleted from the page ? I have tried restarting IIS, restarting the server, deleting the web interface page and republishing it. Tried deleting the object that is associated with the item (get an error message stating that the ui is using the object). I'm pretty much out of ideas so if anyone has run into this before your help would be greatly appreciated. We are running Landesk SD 7.5 SP1.