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    Automatically update or close a ticket via e-mail


      So I've had some luck getting my tickets to create and update via e-mail. I'm able to create my ticket, and I'm able to update my ticket, as long as the 'Add Note' action is part of an automatic action collection.


      However, the minute I try to define an 'Add Note' manual action and execute updates through e-mail, I get the following error message in my event log.



      This Incident has changed status, and the action you selected is no longer available. Please redisplay the window and try again.




      Could Not Find Process for Subject: {Subject}

      I'm thinking that there's something I'm missing in the manual action process that's not allowing mail manager to correctly update notes automatically when the process switches status.


      I'm attaching screenshots of both my process and the event logs for help.


      Thank you so much!

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          Jamie Cannon ITSMMVPGroup

          Do you have your inbound mail set to map "Notes"?  It sounds like the process is trying to map the subject but it doesn't know where to look to map it.  You will want to go into your Inbound and double check the mapping is still there.  Also, this might be helpful for your other error message:http://community.landesk.com/support/docs/DOC-15449

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            Hi Jamie,


            Thanks for your reply.


            Yes, my notes are mapped and I am able to append a note using e-mail at the start of my process, when the status 'Add Note' is an optional action instance.


            However, when I define 'Add Note' as a manual action, the mappings can't resolve to the new point in the process workflow. My event logs actually shows the subject and body mapping correctly at any point in the process.


            It's just when I define the manual action 'add note' that I run into issues. Unfortunately, I want to have this as a manual action so I can do things like alert my users that a ticket has been updated, or be able to auto-close a ticket using a note.