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    Cannot generate IDs for vPro


      In LANDesk 9.5 SP1 on our core server and our test server (both are same config) we cannot generate vPro AMT IDs


      I set the password in General config, after clicking OK the screen disappears and thats it, no confirmation or anything. Is this normal?


      I set the number of IDs to generate to 10 (random number). I hit generate IDs. It says i need a prefix. Odd, all documentation says this is optional. I put in a 2 digit prefix and hit generate. Errors out and says i need a batch name. Again odd, as this is optional as well. I enter in Test1. Generate.


      Successfully Generated 10 IDs.


      Hooray. Wait, nothing is showing up in the PID/PPS box below. Its blank. Dropdown for batch ID is emtpy as well.  Print ID list prints a nice blank piece of paper.


      What gives?

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